Mr. Keith Pagan

Mr. Keith Pagan studied Economics, American legal philosophy, and Physics at Princeton University, earning an A.B. degree in Economics and a certificate from the Program in American Studies.  Following his studies at Princeton, he formed Nassau Partners, initially acting as a principal investor in residential and commercial real estate in Boston, Massachusetts, and then consulting to other real estate investors in San Francisco, California.  In 1992, Mr. Pagan worked as an analyst and then a portfolio manager for BankAmerica Capital Corp., the venture capital affiliate of Bank of America, managing two proprietary securities portfolios valued at over $700 million.  Later, he worked for Merrill Lynch, Salomon Smith Barney, and the Belvedere companies in investment management, focused on design and operation of both private hedge funds and public mutual funds and conducting investment banking.

Following the economic downturn in 2008, Mr. Keith Pagan studied costs law in England and Wales.

Mr. Keith Pagan has worked as a strategy consultant in the United States, focused on operations management and product development for firms experiencing changes in growth or requiring assistance with professional costs, such as legal, accounting, and other fees.  His primary clients have been investment management firms and startup companies funded with venture capital.

Mr. Pagan is also an Engineer-in-Training at Geissler Engineering in San Francisco, California, and is pursuing in an eight-year apprentice program to become a Profession Engineer in structural engineering.

Mr. Pagan has been a guest lecturer at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.  For nearly two decades, he has been a member of the Alumni Schools Committee, the group of alumni that interview the bulk of undergraduate applicants to Princeton University.  Mr. Pagan is also a member of The Guardsmen, a volunteer group that enhances and improves the lives of at-risk youth in the San Francisco Bay Area.