Ms. Salpi Suzmeian

Mrs. Salpi Suzmeian, Registrar

Acting in her official capacity as Registrar of the Academy of Intellectual Property Law, Mrs. Salpi Suzmeian maintains all enrollment and academic records. These records include examination results and faculty evaluations and other documents used to verify the supervised training experiences of each participating postgraduate fellow. All such documents are kept in San Francisco for a period of 10 years to ensure compliance with requirements for licensure in each jurisdiction where graduates of the Academy of Intellectual Property Law choose to practice.

Mrs. Salpi Suzmeian has applied to by Her Majesty’s government in Gibraltar to become a Commissioner for Oaths. This commission shall enable Mrs. Salpi Suzmeian to perform a key notary function, namely certifying as true and complete, copies of original documents and arranging for their legalization and/or Apostilles, depending on the jurisdiction where the certified copies are to be used. This is of great practical importance because in many jurisdictions neither attorneys nor notaries public are permitted to certify as true and complete, copies of original documents such as public records and academic transcripts. In many countries, this legal lacuna is filled by select diplomatic consular officers such as Honorary General Consuls or Adjunct Consuls.

Salpi Suzmeian is trained as a family and civil mediator. She is available for both court-appointed and private mediations.

Salpi Suzmeian is a member of the Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (Kungliga Svenska Segelsällskapet) and frequents the Yacht Club de Monaco.

Salpi Suzmeian’s goal is to continue to serve the worldwide Armenian community in whatever capacity she is needed most.